Who Is CompreHend

Fusing raw, brutally honest lyricism with a quirky effortless flow, CompreHend is an emerging rapper from Leicester in the UK currently bringing his hard-hitting hip-hop anthems to the global stage. His style is bold daring and impossible to ignore — combining a smart, outspoken message with old school
wordplays and a fresh modern flair. His raps are at times comical, often poking fun at the awkwardness of life. He has an innate ability to talk on the deeper subjects of life and really hit the point home with his unique, well-spoken cadence. He’s known for his electrifying performances and ability to really get a crowd going through audience involvement. Inspired by artists like Lowkey, Loyle Carner, Dave, Akala as well as the likes of Eminem and 2Pac, the British rappers songs aim to invoke an emotional response in his listeners and cause positive change in their life. His lyrics are often intelligent and mind-opening, always telling a compelling highly relatable story. The half Dutch, British-born rapper and songwriter has been in love with music since he was a kid after buying his first 50 Cent CD. He initially became interested in the craft through freestyling. Rap acted a safe haven for him where he could voice his most inner-deep thoughts. Noting that he always felt like an outcast and hip-hop really gave him an identity and something to focus on. He’s always been big into the more socially-conscious aspects of life such as conspiracy theories and so conscious hip-hop really spoke to him. He began making tracks in 2015 with the aim of uncovering the deeper truths of society and giving people a different perspective of looking at the world. He’s since toured all around England supporting the likes of Skinnyman, Lowkey, Rodney P, Doc Brown, Logic and many more. The rapper also performed on the main stage at Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival to a crowd of 8000+. Not to mention featuring on numerous interviews for BBC Introducing and winning a performing arts award in 2018.